When it comes to writing, you never know what friends you’ll meet and how long those friends will be in your life.  A number of years ago, I had the honor of winning a contest at Savvy The prize was membership in a fantasy class hosted at SA and taught by a wonderful person/writer June Diehl. During that … Continue reading

The Ten Rules of Etiquette for the Online Classroom

TEN RULES OF ETIQUETTE FOR THE CYBER CLASSROOM      Well, the new year has begun and look at all the class offerings turning up in your email!  It’s an online buffet of knowledge and inspiration just waiting for you to show up, fork and knife in hand. There are plenty of seats available. (All … Continue reading

It’s Nano time!

The marathon has started. Which just goes to show you that neither rain, nor snow, nor flooding, nor lack of electricity will stop writers from chasing the dream of writing a novel.  If you live in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, you probably started off writing by candlelight or flashlight.  Maybe you resorted to … Continue reading

A Personal View on Online Classes #1

ONLINE CLASSES I am starting off my review of the online courses I’ve taken with one that I just finished up. At the time I signed up, this class was a full year class. The updated offering is six months. I approve of the change. One year is a long time to commit to a … Continue reading

A Celebration of Mentors Past, Present, and Future

 Recently, I was rummaging through the many boxes of writing materials I’ve stuffed in the attic  and I found a collection of calendars dated 1998 -2008.  They were in a box with three drafts of novels I wrote over eight years ago.  Whoa.  I also found tons of material from classes I’d taken over the … Continue reading


< Well, I’m happy to learn that I’m not the only one reading my blog. I’d like thank Elizabeth Gibson at  for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Elizabeth’s blog is a friendly, informative read for the day. I like her topics. I like the soft, easy-on-the-eyes design. I like the tone, because … Continue reading

21st Century Hysteria

21st Century Hysteria Recently, I’ve discovered something about myself that I really don’t like. I am swamped with fear. Fear of unexpected bills. Fear of missing payment on a credit card. Fear of cracking a tooth. Fear of my dog getting hit by a car. Fear of losing my debit card. Fear of car repairs, … Continue reading

Eight things I learned in publishing MERITH’S SWEETS on Smashwords

Merith’s Sweets Social outcast Sami Dawson won’t let his physical handicap keep him down. He’s going to ask a beautiful girl on a date and prove he’s as normal as any other guy. But as secret curator of the gate to Fairy Land, Merith Sweets isn’t normal. In fact, she isn’t even human. The town’s … Continue reading


At two a.m. this morning, I hit the 50,000 word count for the National Novel Writing Month.  It was a quiet moment, marked by the cacophony of snores from my two dogs  and from my husband who was out cold with a laptop propped on his chest.  Such is the fate of the writer. We … Continue reading


Twelve years ago, I enrolled in my first online writing class.  I was terribly nervous about exposing myself to a faceless audience.  Like all newbies, I was petrified of anyone reading my work. The idea of someone not liking one of my stories sent me into a panic mode. Somehow, I thought that if I … Continue reading