The Raven’s Eye : Cold Feet

Ice Swirl

Well, that was a long break.  I’ve been spending any additional time I have reading through the “WordPress For Dummies” guide. Lots of good stuff in there.  It certainly helps to warm up the feet before taking the first step into Blogging.  If you’re visiting me then you probably already know more about this form of communication than I do, but I’m feeling more confident because I have the BOOK  in my lap and a whole list of friends who have offered to help me if I get into a tight spot.

Anyway, the BOOK suggests that I make a decision as to what type of information I would like to publish. The first thing I did was to visit many, many Blogs.  And that inevitably let me to the crossroads of  “Who Knows?” street and ” I’m Woefully Boring” Avenue.  I’ve seen widgets, vertical and horizontal column formats, moving pictures,  one-of-a-kind artwork, poetry, music icons (so you can sing as you stare at the pictures of somebody’s fifth generation of mutant flowers), moving avatars or gavatars, and a gazillion links that lead off into the unknown realms of the internet universe.

My overall impression is that Blogging is a visual language. Some people appear to speak it with astounding fluency. (You can see it by the way their Blogs pulse with energy.) Others speak it as if someone shot them in the butt with a tranquilizer and removed their tongue while they were unconscious. I’m going to settle for something between the two, so  I think I’ll  try for edgy, but tasteful and energetic, but not ADD. I’ll keep my tongue, thank you very much, but I’ll speak in  a slow, hypnotic  cybervoice like Darth Vader.  My goal is to flex my writing skills.  Slip in a little information tinged with a wee bit of attitude and maybe once in a while I’ll give something away. (like advice. lol)

Yup. I’m going to build it even though no voice in my head is saying, “If you build it they will come.”  ‘Cause deep down I know that nobody is pounding at my door begging to get in. And that’s okay.  I only have one bathroom. I don’t sell chips or soda. The bottled water in the kitchen belongs to my fish.

So long as we got those facts straight. We’re off to a good start. You ready?

Gotta love the echo in here.

4 Responses to “The Raven’s Eye : Cold Feet”
  1. Hi Raven,
    This looks marvelous…well, I must say you have the blogging vernacular down pat; your post is both creatively interesting and humorous. You’ve built it, and here I am, as I know there will be many other’s that will come, too. Love the Raven picture, will have to see what I can invent as a Raven avatar for you…will let you know what I come up with. HE HE
    Jbbwritergirl (jbarwriter)

  2. ravenlaw says:

    oh my,

    I hope I don’t end up with a plucked chicken avatar. LOL. Thanks for stopping by. I love the links you’ve got on your site. Still looking through some new ones for this page. That way we can spotlight even MORE sites for writers.

    be good.


  3. Ortolan C. Chordeiles says:

    Ahah! So it is indeed about it!

    I see the “what-have-you” and “wherefore-when-about” is happily floating about in less than amiable circumstances. But that’s okay, since the OrtCld. is THE Greek interpreter.

    But as we often say (we of the universal-type nature), “Tragedy, sir. Deaths and disclosures, universal and particular; documents both unexpected and inexorable LOOK OUT! Set pieces of the poetic vein, let us engage you and throw you into our worn-watches so you may truly act to stare…and gleam on behalf of our whole human peace.”

    ‘OrtCld. pauses; ruffles its precious puff-balloon.’

    It’s better not to be part of that, but instead to be part of:

    3.Mr. Clean

    ‘Papers fly sky-high as an ultimatum is decided…’

    And that is:

    ‘Ortolan Floats Away’

    • ravenlaw says:

      So this is why we sent you to college? To have your head cracked open and your brains scrambled to make a socially correct omelette? Have no fear, Ortolan. I shall send you a care package to help fix the problem. You’ll be as grim as the rest of us in no time.

      :)Now go get something to eat.

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