The Raven’s Eye Asks: Are You Going To Quit?



I’m going home and I’m taking my toys with me.

Okay, not really. I already tried that and nobody noticed I was missing. It gets pretty lonely playing with my toys all by my self. Who wants to play the princess role without an audience? When the evil princess mood hits, a girl’s got two choices, go for the chocolate stashed in the refrigerator or go seek solace on the internet.

This morning, I happened to come across Susan Boyle’s YouTube video. If you haven’t seen it, get your eyeballs over there and take a peek. It’s at:

Trust me. It’ll make your day.

And after that, take a peek at Toni McGee Causey’s article “How Do You Know When To Quit?” and take another sip of writer inspiration. It’s at:

These two links will give you the kick you need to get back to writing. Try them. It isn’t everyday you can get a happy glow without popping a pill. Besides, these links feature two lovely princesses who’ve stepped up to the challenge in the face of overwhelming odds. It certainly puts the sulking princesses out there to shame.

So, go forth and get inspired.

But first, gimmie back  those toys. I kinda borrowed them from the princess in the picture up top.


4 Responses to “The Raven’s Eye Asks: Are You Going To Quit?”
  1. Jbarwriter says:

    Ah, you want your toys back, but I’m not through playing with them yet. Susan Boyle is an inspiration to all of us.
    Happy Writing

    • ravenlaw says:


      I’ve been swamped by work in Mastering Sentences and now the website class. I’m sorry that you had to withdraw from our writing group. I hope you get well soon. I love your blog. Great articles. It’s a pleasure to get distracted. LOL.

      Keep the toys as long as you need to. 🙂 I’ve bought a couple new ones that aren’t so hard on the old choppers. Thanks for visiting.


  2. joni says:

    I’m baaaaaack!

    Just in time to play with ‘the toys’!!!!

    Raven quote:”It isn’t everyday you can get a happy glow without popping a pill.”

    Well I tried basking in the sun a bit! I’m just not into pill popping these days. lol

    I always carry a happy glow wand with me, not sharing, nope! 😛

    I’m back Raven. Thanks for hanging in there!

    🙂 joni 🙂

    • ravenlaw says:


      YEEEEEHAW! You are officially a redneck. Welcome! I live in the mountains. We see bear and deer all the time. I had to evict a pack of foxes out of our dog house because I didn’t want my dogs to hurt them. Besides, they were right next to the house. Not too safe for them or for the dogs. Rabies is a serious issue here.
      The best thing about living in the country is that everything slows down. The fresh air and the beautiful countryside are like having your own private retreat.

      Today, the deer are grazing in my backyard. Momma deer always leaves her baby at the bottom of our property. She was surprised to see the new rear deck, but that didn’t stop her from resting in the ferns.

      Enjoy the change!


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