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When I was a kid, my friends used to spit these words like bullets. And because I was young and fearless, or because I was extremely resistant to injury and stupid, I would always step forward and try to catch one of those bullets in my teeth. I got my fair share of bruises for it and some serious time out in my room, but looking back, I have to say that those days were the stuff of my stories to come.

Risk.  It’s the life blood of a new writer.

The tricky part is finding the kind of risk that won’t kill you or leave you maimed for life. If you’re a writer, I’m talking writing class.

Don’t hit that back button. I’ve got it rigged to blow the second you do.  Sit back.  Good.

I’m going to whisper something in your ear. Don’t bite me, okay? The word is:


What is it? It’s a free 7 week creative writing course Writer’s Village University is offering at:

Here’s a quick FAQ for you.

Q:  What it’s going to do to me?

A:  Open your skull and expose the gelatinous mass inside to wave upon wave of good conversation, positive thinking, supportive critiquing and inspirational writing.

Q:  Will it hurt?

A:  No. Okay, maybe. You could sprain a finger tapping out replies to ten group members. You could stub your toe as you visit the other classrooms where over fifty other writers will be chatting, discussing writing topics, asking for advice or giving advice. You might end up with a stomach ache from eating a cyber breakfast with fellow writers on the main discussion board. Things can get crazy on that board.

Q:  Will I be the only new writer there?

A:  Of course not! This class is FREE! That’s like yelling “Pizza!” in a college dorm.

Q:  Will I have to write in front of everyone?

A:  No, you can write under a blanket. Nobody is looking. When you post, nobody will suspect you are wearing bunny ears, combat boots, and a tie. Everyone will assume you are as normal as the next person.

Q: Will somebody be mean to me?

A:  The mentors are on the spot when it comes to classroom etiquette. The idea of this course is to encourage writers to write, not practice torture tactics on helpless fellow students. When you arrive in class on the first day you will see a set of guidelines posted for the benefit of all students. Number one on the list is courtesy to peers.

Q: Will there be published writers there?

A: Heck yeah! And many of them will be hopping over from the Writer’s Village mother ship. Most will tell you they are back for another dose of creative energy and M&M candy. That’s right, the currency over there is candy, but you’ll find that out soon enough if you sign up for the course.

Q: What qualifications do I need in order participate?

A: You need to be Stephen King’s  newly discovered twin.  Just kidding. You need a passion to write and a willingness to learn with others.

Want to learn more? Go on over to the main page and click on the link to the F2K class.

Bring your sense of fun and creativity. Bring your slippers, a bag of potato chips, a pillow, and a sense of humor.

Go ahead.

I dare you.

2 Responses to “THE RAVEN’S EYE SAYS: I DARE YOU!”
  1. joni says:

    And some of the mentors even check up on their star pupils to make sure they are continuing writing!!!

    You forgot to tell them about the whip-lady. 😉

    Yes there’s a Slave Mistress who drives you to write and to write your best! (and she’s not to bad to look at either) A bunch of caps and characters, but she’s cool. teeheehee

    LOVE this post Raven! You done good. :::slips ya a five:::: *wink* *wink* lol


  2. Grumps says:

    Hi, Ravenne,
    You forgot to tell the prospective F2K students to take large huge bags sacks of M&Ms with them when they visit.

    Great blog, by the way (mine’s in suspended procrastination).

    And how can I not take this opportunity to congratulate you on your latest success at EU. I always had you down as a real winner. After 51 years of marriage, it’s good to know I was right for once. 😉
    Here’s to your continued success in the future, dear friend – no one is more deserving.
    Sincere Regards,
    Grumps. 😉

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