My “Fairy Tales” won the grand prize in the Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 Contest!

Ze Raven3

I’m very proud to announce that my short story, “Fairy Tales” won the grand prize in the Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 Contest. The entries were fabulous! Maria Schneider, owner of Editor Unleashed, gave the contestants the chance to read all 280 entries and rate them on a five star system in a popular vote.  After the popular vote was announced, Maria and her team read the entries and made the final decision for the Grand Prize Win and the top 39 stories.

All 40 stories will be published in an anthology by Smashwords. It’s a win for all! My thanks to the writers who participated by submitting a story and by ranking the entries over a one week period.  Great competition!

My thanks to Marie Schneider who set up the contest with the intent of offering contestants the opportunity of reading and rating their competition.  I will never look at editors the same way again.

Thanks to Mark Coker of Smashwords and Kat Meyer of Next Chapter Communications who sponsored the contest.

Many, many thanks to my fellow writers who gave “Fairy Tales” first place in the popular vote, bestowing upon the story the honor of winning the popular vote in addition to winning the  $500 grand prize.

It’s been an incredible week.

Almost as if I’ve been living a fairy tale.

Laurel Wilczek

8 Responses to “My “Fairy Tales” won the grand prize in the Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 Contest!”
  1. Jbarwriter says:

    Way to go Raven.I love the article. You are so articulate. I just had to post a link to it on my blog. 🙂
    Waiting to see more of your stories in print.

  2. Debbie says:

    Congrads on your win! I just wanted to say I love your blog. Your writing is so natural and full of fun. You have a way of adding a touch of the lighter side to even the most serious of subjects!

    Love it. Write on!


  3. ravenlaw says:

    Thanks for stopping by JB! You know I love your blog. I visit it regularly. You’ve got great links for writers!

    I’ll be over today to read again!


  4. ravenlaw says:


    I’m so glad you dropped in! I hope you’re enjoying that grandchild of yours. 🙂

    Thanks for the support!


  5. michael says:

    hats off laurel!

    love the new blog. great look and feel!

  6. ravenlaw says:

    Thanks Michael. I have another site I’m working on now. It’s coming along. Don’t know whether I can hook it up yet. Still working on the front page.

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 It’s always good to hear from you.


  7. Ricky Seale says:

    Hi Laurel

    Congratulations again. We are so proud of you.

    Keep flying high Raven


    • ravenlaw says:

      Thanks for stopping by Greywulf. It’s so nice to see writers form WVU dropping by to wave. Hope all is well over in 911. I’m missing Joni,but I’m keeping and eyeball out for her. Last time I spied that woman she was mowing grass in the middle of farmland.

      Wonder if she hears a voice telling her “If you write it, they will listen?”



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