Twelve Day Countdown to TAP!


Twelves days to blast off and I’ve already hit a bump in my preparations. I’ve got lots of research material, but how much do I actually need to write this novel? Facts like weird museums, geographical maps depicting mine shafts in the area and the division of school districts are examples of information that I’ve found. The hoarder in me says take everything; the realistic approach is to figure out what I need and take only that much. I’m basing my world on real places. That should solve the problem, right? Get a couple of maps and I’m done. Wrong. I need some history of the places on my map.  Little tidbits that will add a realistic touch to the setting. My character will live in a ritzy development. I can create that easily enough, but what about the rest it? What about the mall, the hospital, the library? These places are relatively recent, having been built or remodeled during the past 15 years. How much information do I need? Which information should I select?

Ah the confusion. I think it begins with the character sheets. I need to figure out the particulars of my character. Where did she attend school? Where did her husband get his training? When did they build the Pharmaceutical company, who owns it and what drug(s) does it manufacture?

No wonder I’ve been stalling. This is like writing a term paper. It comes down to understanding where to find your resources and how to determine what information is relevant to this novel.

I’m off to the library again. Seems like I should have photocopied a couple of those sheets dealing with commerce,employment, and population growth.  There’s no skirting the resource this time. I have to go on the attack.

I’d rather be writing.

Bad me.

2 Responses to “Twelve Day Countdown to TAP!”
  1. Jbarwriter says:

    Hi Raven,
    Twelve day count down, huh; do we blast off in a rocket with a hundred and twenty thousand pound thrust? Or something safer like in our recliner with a cool beverage in hand as we watch the space debris stream by 🙂 ?

    Research material and how much is needed? An interesting topic. One worthy of exploration. Wouldn’t how much material needed depend on the character, and the circumstances that surrounds them.

    Boy you do pick heavy duty topics to research….pharmaceutical’s…perhpas it’s a murder mystery and the killer kills his victims with drugs.

    Looking forward to reading what comes from your research.

  2. ravenlaw says:

    Well JB,

    I like the idea of the recliner. lol I bet there’s great reception up there for satellite tv.



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