Day 6 Countdown to TAP!

Books_by_DonJohnnyI’ve been doing the historical research for my novel location.  Lucky me! There are pictures available!  I’ve also bought a leather organizer to store my notes. Makes things feel a little more real.

My book from Amazon arrived today. “Four Hundred Years of History Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds:  The American Resting Place” by Marilyn Yalom.

Did I need it? Well, yeah. I intend to use it for a couple of short stories as well as for this novel. Think of it as an incentive.  Okay, think of it as a splurge. Either way, I’m excited about reading it tonight.

I came across a neat little link to give you a soft nudge towards getting your plot into shape.  Click on

It’s a friendly reminder to anyone who might be getting cold feet.  Lee Masterson makes it look so simple.



7 Responses to “Day 6 Countdown to TAP!”
  1. Jbarwriter says:

    Hi Raven,
    Looking forward to your post and thoughts on TAP, and all the links that you are sharing. I do hope you don’t mind a correction for today’s link, leaving off the L in HTML sends the address off into lala land. 🙂 Will catch on my response later on my blog.

  2. Jbarwriter says:

    Link to the article on plot … a more precise visual than the one I left in my previous post.

  3. Jbarwriter says:

    You can insert links in two ways, remember to close up the spaces after you insert the address after href”



  4. Jbarwriter says:

    I didn’t leave enough spaces so I’ll try it again. 🙂

    Hope this comes through correctly.

  5. Jbarwriter says:

    WordPress closes the tags for you hopefully without anything in the address bar it will display the code. 🙂


  6. ravenlaw says:

    Hi JB,

    Not sure what you mean. I checked the link by copy and paste and it worked fine. the full html is there.


    • ravenlaw says:

      Okay, fiddled around and found how to put up the link so you don’t have to use the copy and paste method. Odd. Sometimes the page sets up the link automatically. This time I had to go into the dashboard and use a window to set it up.

      Thanks JB!

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