Day 4 Countdown to TAP!


Yesterday,  I went over the elements of a good plot with a young writer who has decided to try and participate in TAP! It’s funny how many complications a writer can come up with when the right questions are asked.  Of course, the more complex the outline became, the more worried this writer was about trying to fit this project into her schedule.

Having a similar problem?

Remember, the point of The August Push is to get you to create a habit that will lead you to fulfilling your dream of getting that short story or novel finished.  Writing on a schedule doesn’t end with the first book.  Establishing a routine will prepare  you for writing the next stage in a writing career. Here’s a link for those of you struggling to get through the pre-write jitters.

In the meantime, you did remember to renew those library books, right? And clear your mornings, afternoons or evenings for writing?


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