DAY 1 TAP:Loaded And Ready To Go!

Tap Starting gate

Welcome to TAP! The August Push to finish or start a novel or work of your choosing. The idea is to create a habit of writing each day and to finish a novel or short story that has been sitting off to the side for too long a period. I’m working beside a number of authors. Most of them have decided to work on their own and to post either on their blogs or on twitter.  I’ll be doing the same. We all have our personal ground rules. I thought I’d post mine.

The Ground Rules:

1.  I will dedicate two hours a day towards writing my novel.

2.  I will not twitter or visit Facebook during this period.

3.  I will not check email.

4.  I will not take phone calls.

5.  I will not look at the bills on the desk or read my snail mail.

6.  I will not do extensive research during the write.

7.  I will not be distracted by dishes, laundry, or screaming in the background.

8.  I will take two 5 minute breaks. (to settle disputes and take care of necessities.)

9.  I will keep a word count.

10. I will post my word count each day on my blog.

Oh, I’m allowing myself as much coffee as I want and an occasional chocolate kiss to ward off any brain skips that may occur during the 2 hour write.

I’ve got my resources at hand. I’ve warned my family to stay out of the room, unless something or somebody  is on fire and they need to use the phone to call 911. I’ve brewed the coffee. Taken out the dogs.

Anything else?

Oh yeah,  got chocolate.

I’ll catch you on the other side of this day.



It was like pulling teeth. In spite of all my preparation, it felt like as was bogged down with the details. I hope things go better tomorrow. Maybe it’s just the first day jitters? Had to cut out lots of extra stuff, too.  Back story that came too soon for the reader.


3 Responses to “DAY 1 TAP:Loaded And Ready To Go!”
  1. Ned and Zachy and old Dave says:

    Thar Raven be zoomin nicely nar. Not for nowt we be winding her oop.

    All at Chippin (Bluedy) Sodbury

  2. Shriek says:

    Raven, I hear you on first-day jitters. In my case, I’d say the spirit was willing but the “flesh” — the words that poured through my fingers — was weak. Since I’m doing First Sh*tty Draft, I’m still listening for the right style and voice. Not hanging about and fiddling with changes, though. This morning, I charged ahead with new scenes, ear to the ground (or the page) to pick up new clues to the right voice.

  3. ravenlaw says:

    Good going Girl! Can’t let yourself get distracted. Got a new kid on the block. He just emailed me that he’s doing the TAP! with us. Young writer. Great promise. That means we’ve got two young writers working with us. I’ve told them to post here if they need any help.

    Today is Sunday. Day off? Naw. I’ve decided to put in a new chapter and toss out three. Been checking the maps this morning to decide where to set this chapter.

    Revision is interesting. I’ve got to rip and stitch scenes from elsewhere into a new chapter.

    I’m in and out today.

    Good writing!


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