DAY 2: The Horses Have Left The Gate!

Tap Race Horses at gate

Five writers have openly declared they are participating in TAP! Good number.   And they’ve left the gate at breakneck speed!  Paige checked in with another 2,ooo  making her 2 day total 4,000.  Aven is at 3,500.  I just finished my two hour sprint about an hour ago and have a 4,000 word count.  Shriek informs me she’s well into the race, but didn’t give me a word count. Hmmm… well, I know that girl is a hard worker and I’m going to trust her on that one.

Not bad considering everyone included Sunday as a writing day. YAY!

A couple of our participants had some setbacks with details such as  what kind of car the character was driving or how many streets a character had to run before he arrived at  the police station, the hospital or the nearest restaurant.  Thank God for Google Earth! If you’ve got a computer that can handle it, it’s a great tool for using the satellite to view cities and landmarks all over the world! Last time I used it to look at Stone Henge in England and The Great Wall of China in–well, you know.

Try it. You can zip through New York City and grab street names for your novel. You can check out the rooftops of buildings and see pools or gardens.  Cool stuff. If your novel takes place somewhere  you’ve never been, this is a great way to fill in the details.

Okay, so today my world count is a little over 2,000 words.

I had to shift through four versions of chapter two and revise one good chapter from the mess.  I also wrote a new scene to help me reveal more information.  I need to research for tomorrow. I think I’ll visit Stroudsburg, courtesy of Google Earth.

Catch ya at the beginning of  a new day.


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