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Well, another day flew by and I’m finishing up late tonight.  Our two young writers checked in with me earlier this evening as did Greta and Shriek. So let’s get those totals up.

Aven  reported 800 words today.  Total count: 6,100 words

Paige reported  800 words today.  Total count: 5,600 words

Shriek reported 2,100 words today.  Total count:  6,900 words

Raven reported 2,620 words today.  Total count:  9,920 words

Greta reported a good day.   She is moving along.  Her progress is not measured by word count, but by the quality of her revision.  Good work,  Greta!

Today, I attended my first tele-class.  Shelly Lieber of interviewed Mark Coker, founder  of Smashwords, about the future of E-books. Great class.  I registered as a Vip Author’s Inner Circle Member. I think there’s a future in this new trend.  I’m interested in learning more. Shelly Lieber offered a 30 minute consultation as a bonus for anybody who signed up by midnight tonight.  I’m ready to learn about this publishing format.  I thing Vip Authors is a great way to start.

Check it out!

Good Night all!


One Response to “DAY 5 OF TAP!”
  1. Greta Igl says:

    Ugh. A negative report from me for day 6. I realized my story would be better served if I changed the setting of the scene I’m working through. It will be better, in the end, but right now, it’s darn frustrating.

    Getting there by baby steps…

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