Tap Climbing_by_no17a

Yesterday was a tough day for some of us, but everyone held on and managed to get some work done. I did get distracted by the glorious day and the temptation of a hike around a mountain lake.  I think I needed that.  Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy August.  A good writing habit includes interludes of  relaxation. You’d be surprised at how much works gets done by the subconscious while you’re enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Okay, here are the results for Day 6:

Aven  1,200 words.  Total= 7,300

Paige  800 words.  Total= 6,400

Shriek   2,300 words.  Total: 9,200

Raven  500 words Total= 10,420 (Yeah, I got distracted big time. Haven’t had a day like that in weeks.)

Greta reports that she had a tough day. Writing isn’t always about word accumulation, sometimes it’s about subtracting words. I feel your pain, Greta.  Hang in there.

Here’s a little inspiration for everybody.

Check it out.  A couple of my friends on twitter posted this link. It’s a good read.

Catch ya later,


One Response to “DAY 6 OF TAP!”
  1. Shriek says:


    Thursday (day 6) I finished so late it was technically Friday morning. Didn’t want to call up the Net; just fell asleep. But on Thursday I had a harvest from some of the tough work I’d slogged through in the beginning. Churned out 2,300 words. However, NOT to be taken as my set pace. Yesterday I was spinning out the rest of the set-up for the story in first draft mode. Today, Friday, I begin roughing out the next section. Back to slogging. Total from EOD Thursday 9,200.

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