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We’ve reached the one week milestone.  How is everyone doing? Taking a look at the reports, I’m going to say everyone is doing what they promised to do, work on a project every day.  It’s beginning to make a difference. One week ago, I didn’t have my first four chapters clearly marked, nor did I have four scenes which turn out to be vital to the novel.  My preparation added a ton of knowledge that I can now use to flesh out the setting. I’ve nearly finished two Writers’ University Classes and I’ve revised my plot to a tighter, more manageable format.  I’ve actually pared down my word count this morning by about 300 words.

Anyone feeling guilty if they miss a day? Hmm…well give it another week and see.  This morning I revised a scene, using “Getting The Words Right” by Theodore Cheney.  Good book.  We’re using it in an editing class at Writers’ Village University. It provides excellent examples to demonstrate the process of editing.

So, need some inspiration? How about:

I had this one up about a month ago, but it’s so encouraging I thought I’d post it again.

Never hurts to hear something positive, right?

Nobody has checked in yet. I’m going to play at the lake again.  It’s too beautiful a day to miss.  I’ll be bringing notes from my classes and Alice LaPlante’s book “The Making of a Story.” Over in Sweethearts, the writers are working on imagery exercises.  I want to do a little extra reading on the beach.

See you later,


2 Responses to “DAY 8 OF TAP!”
  1. Shriek says:


    Saturday, and I’m still writing on my first draft. Got a late start today — other obligations to clear out of the way. But moving along well, to my surprise. Yesterday I punched through into new story territory and worried whether there’d be enough in my brain pan to keep the keyboard fed. However, my daily dreamstorming through every day of July is paying off in August. A little break at the moment, but I expect to write two more hours during late afternoon on Saturday. Will let you know the total, if not tonight, then tomorrow. Tomorrow, too, will be a writing day.

    Good going on your novel, Raven. Must feel great to get those all-important first chapters nailed down.

  2. ravenlaw says:

    Hey Shriek,

    It does make me feel more in control of my work. Tackling this large project has been very challenging. There’s that part of me that wants to go and start something else, but I know I need to experience the whole process if I am ever to complete a novel.
    So on I go. Turns out my dog was very sick this afternoon. Couldn’t go to the lake, stayed home to read up on class material and keep the furry company. She’s a good dog, will hold it forever rather than make a mess. This way she napped quietly on her bed as I did my work.

    That’s okay. It was still a lovely day, even if I only saw it from inside the house.

    Tomorrow I’m going to try for the lake again. I really want to walk around the lake and visit with family. I should declare it a play day. Everyone has been working so hard.


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