DAY 8 of Tap! Play Day?

Tap Superior_Hiking_Trail_by_deke8706

It’s important to remember that all writers need to include recess in their schedule.  It’ll refresh your mind and help stimulate the senses that you’ve put on hold while writing feverishly to word count.  sometimes we forget that our creativity comes from the heart and the spirit.  Nurturing these things is a good thing.

I’d like to declare Sunday a play day.  Take a day to visit friends or relatives, see a movie, read a fun book. Or, if your idea of fun is writing, then go at it.  I’m inviting our younger writers to go swimming or hiking or whatever it is you like to do for fun.  Your project will be there when you get back. I promise.

I’m going to hike.  After that, I’m going to sit on a beach, dig my toes into the sand and read a paperback.  If I’m lucky, no one will find me until evening.

By then, I’ll be ready to get back to business.

Be good. Have fun.


3 Responses to “DAY 8 of Tap! Play Day?”
  1. Greta Igl says:

    Sorry to be among the missing. We were busy with my SIL’s wedding the past few days. Got lots of ideas to fix my little problem, though, so I should hit the ground running.


  2. Ha. I have lots of play days. I need to get in some more write days!!

  3. Shriek says:

    Druge Shriek kept plowing ahead, maybe not always writing a lot, but it’s important to me at this stage to stay steady. Sunday afternoon got swallowed up in an necessary social event, but I faced my writing in the morning, got a little written. (No, not virtuous, I’m just at the stage where I need to stay with it for now.)

    Saturday WC – 1700
    Sunday WC – 600
    Monday WC – 1200

    Total through EOD on Monday 8/10: 13600

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