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Well, I had a hectic schedule this weekend that flowed into Monday, but I’m getting it back together this morning to update the totals of our participating writers.

Aven 7,800+800 (sat)+ 900(mon) = 9,500

Paige 7,400+ 1000(sat)+ 500(Mon)= 8,900

Greta: Still going strong!

Shriek 10,100+1,700(Sat)+600(Sun)+1200(M0n)= 13600

Raven  11,476  Revision (-300 Sat)

Writing time:  2 hours (Sun) + 2 hours (Mon)

*I’m shifting to hours spent writing as I work on my revision.  A lot of cutting going on! Removed a couple of scenes that no longer fit.  Also spent some time reading Jordan Rosenfeld’s “Make a Scene.”

So how about  a little inspiration this morning? This comes from Brandilyn Collins’ site Forensics & Faith.  She never fails to inspire.

She’s a tremendous source of  information about the continuous process of writing.  I’m discovering a gold mine of information on the internet. It’s amazing how much is available for aspiring writers! This is an advantage writers didn’t have twenty years ago.  It boggles the mind that anyone could have done this without the use of computers.

Kinda like when I was in college and all I had to work with was a typewriter, a carton of paper and boxes of typewriter ribbon.  What I wouldn’t have given for a laptop and WORD.

You all have a nice day.  I’ll be back later for today’s totals.


One Response to “DAY 10 OF TAP!”
  1. Shriek says:


    Preliminary note on Tuesday A.M. (more writing still to come.) Glad to note that you’re working according to WRITING TIME rather than WC. This encourages me because it’s basically what I’ve come to do as well.

    When I switched from the initial dreamstorming at end of July to producing first draft scenes in August, I thought about a daily word limit. Then I remembered the fluff and the faffing fill-in I wrote in my last NaNoWriMo outing. The novel I have going now deserves better than that, IMHO.

    Therefore I DEMAND from myself the right amount of TIME in my weekday schedule: 1 hour early before work and 2 hours after I’ve caught my second wind following work. (One of those hours can, if needed, be a dreamstorm hour prepping the next scene before I spin my wheels with the words. I try to do most of this during sleepthinking, but sometimes it needs awake thinking too.

    I’m separating into separate functions: (1) Making it up, (2) Writing it up, and (3) Fixing it up.

    Right now, in first draft mode, there is NO function #3 for fixing anything. Everything pours in to “making it up” and “writing it up.” A clearer separation between #1 and #2 has been making the greatest difference for me. No more pecking out words in a hunt for the scene or trying to track the lost storyline.

    I see I’m stating my manifesto here: how I’m working now so I’ll be able to judge later whether it yields the results I want.

    Though I’ll continue reporting daily WC, meeting a minimum of words is not the priority. I still count WC to make sure that my blocks of writing time do add up to scenes actually written.

    Raven and everyone: Have an energetic week!

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