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Tuesday Evening Totals:
Aven 500 words =10,000 words so far!

Paige: 1100 words= 10,000 words so far!

Greta: still moving along. Getting through a tough area.

Raven :  1000 words. (remember, I’m revising. I cut out a long scene)

spent 1 1/2 hours at the write and 1/2 hours reading about scenes.

Shriek :  informs me that she, too, is revising and that means word count will not reflect her work effort. For her, this is about the time she is putting into her draft.

“Therefore I DEMAND from myself the right amount of TIME in my weekday schedule: 1 hour early before work and 2 hours after I’ve caught my second wind following work.” (Shriek)

And that demonstrates what Greta is doing too!  The writing process is an individual thing.  Being flexible enough to accept that there are many ways to determine a successful writing session is very important!

AND because I gave into temptation and watched a movie last night, I’m going to offer up a special link.  I found this link at Try visiting Joan sometime. She has tremendous resources available on various writing  topics.  A buddy of mine from SweetHearts at Writers’ Village University, she’s a talent in her own right.  As for the link, that goes out to Paperback which belongs to Lynn Viehl, a truly inspirational writer who has over 45 paperbacks to her credit. She’s a lovely person who generously shares her knowledge with anyone who is in need of wise advice. Check her out at:

If you live in my neck of the woods, I hope you made it through the storms   It’s a mystical night over here. The fog has crept into my backyard on cloven hooves.  I believe I see–yes, I do! A half dozen silvery eyes peering up at me.  I’m going down to take a closer look. Um, if I’m not back tomorrow, keep writing. I’ll be doing research on the other side of that white curtain.


4 Responses to “DAY 11 OF TAP!”
  1. Greta Igl says:

    Slow and steady seems to be the name of the game. I spent an hour and a half on my ms so far today. Hope to get another half hour in.

    Glad to see everyone is making such great progress!

  2. Shriek says:

    Raven, actually I’m NOT revising, but writing first draft. Even so, mere number of words not the main thing – NO filler type writing to meet a daily WC.

    However, my TIME given to butt-in-the-chair is my absolute daily requirement.
    Morning = 1 hr
    Evening = 2 hrs.

    I do record WC, even when the output may be pathetic for the amount of butt-in-chair time. When the river raft floats sooo slowy, only the stick a the mud alongside can tell me if I’ve moved or not. WC is my stick in the mud.

    Meanwhile, the devil has been chasing me. Lately, not even time to report. Catch-up totals:

    Tue = 900
    Wed = 1100

    Total to date = 15,600

  3. Shriek says:

    Burst of writing. Probably breaks the bank of material I have in reserve so I’ll be back to scratching it out.

    Meanwhile, I’ll take it when I can get it.

    Thursday = 2200

    Total to date = 17,800

  4. Shriek says:

    Friday = 1500

    Total thru Friday 8/14 = 19,300

    Note: I’m not where I think I need to be within the first 20,000 of the story. (The 600 remaining toward 20,000 will not meet up with the place I need to be.) Spinning out in too much detail? Writing too many scenes to make the point?

    I’m not going back to “fix” anything already written, but on Saturday I’m jumping to the place in the storyline where I think I should be. Will deal with the gap in 2nd draft.

    Who can believe August is already half gone? Or, maybe it’s Wow! We’re half-way through!

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