DAY 17 of TAP!

TAP After_the_Party__by_DirtyLittleDevil

Things got a bit hairy around my house last week.  Big family party.  Run in with a deer.  Doctor appointments for everybody starting school in a few weeks.  Massive anxiety over whether the clunker I know is better than a new car with horrible reliability ratings and an expiration date stamped on the tail plate.  Seems to me that a sale on clearance is a sale on stuff nobody wanted to buy in the first place.

Between visits to the doctor and many, many dealerships in our area, I did work on my project.  I managed to dedicate two hours a day to my project, even on Sunday.  As for everyone else? Aven tells me he had his hands full getting ready for a family event, so his word count is down.   Paige had a couple days of vacation away from home.  She’ll be back tomorrow night. Shriek checked in on Friday.

Here are the totals for Wednesday  Aug 12th to Sunday August 16th:

Aven reports  13,500 words

Paige reports  11,500

Raven reports 2 hours per day to the rewrite. Additional chapters dropped.  Restructure chapter order…AGAIN!

Shriek reports 21,900 words as of August 16th.

Greta assures me she is working steadily on her novel.

Remember,  each writer’s progress is measured differently.  I think we are all doing great!  It isn’t easy to keep to a schedule.  All things considered, this group is doing very well.  Aven, I hope your party was a big success, but I’m on your tail as of right now.  Put the trash out on the curb and get back to writing.  🙂  Paige, you’ve come quite a way in determining the direction of your story.  Stick with the character sketches. They are looking good.  Greta, I know you’re there, working in the background. More power to you! And Shriek, you’ve probably hit 20,000 by now.  Judging by the work you’ve posted in World Building over at WUV,  you must be rocking

Keep up the good work, everyone!  I’m back from my temporary detour.  Will see if anyone checks in today to update their totals.

In the meantime, here’s a cool link  that will help you see the other side of the submission process.  It seems writers aren’t the only people who need to gripe.  Scroll down to “Important Lessons of the Week; Or, Thank God That’s  Almost Over” for a taste of blog personality.

LOL. I believe I got this one from the Writers’ Village University Assembly Board.


Aven reports he’s playing hooky for another day.

Paige didn’t check in today.

Greta is working steadily.

Shriek is dealing with a fried monitor and will report her word count later.

Raven has spent two hours working on Chapter 7.

That’s it for today.  I’m going to bed early.

Good night and pleasant dreams.


3 Responses to “DAY 17 of TAP!”
  1. Shriek says:


    Thunder storm on Sunday blew out my monitor, even though computer on surge protector. Haven’t had time to replace it, but hope to get it done tomorrow. (Tuesday).

    Meanwhile, I have to borrow from others in order to post anything to Internet. While I have the opportunity, I’m posting weekend totals.

    Sat = 1700
    Sun = 900
    Mon = still writing. Will post totals later. If I’m missing, it means computer problem not fixed yet.

    Total through Sunday 8/16 = 21,900

  2. ravenlaw says:


    Gremlins are everywhere! Storms took out my telephone. I’m able to call out, but not get any calls. Hope you find yourself a nice new monitor.

    I’ve updated the totals under August 17th.

  3. Great work everyone! I read up here everyone once in awhile and I’m very impressed with you all. I know how hard it is to keep at it with everyday life and summertime winding down. 😉

    Keep it up, folks!

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