Day 20 of Tap!

tap junk yard

The drama continues! My daughter sets off for college next week and I am scrambling to get things squared away before she leaves.  As most people know, it’s a bad year for college students with student grants.  Everyone is cutting back, even the high schools.  Yesterday, I learned the dual enrollment program offered to high school seniors has been suspended. No money.  It’s a real shame because my first daughter was able to take five college classes through it and was able to get into an exceptional college after high school.  Looks like my second daughter won’t be able to get any help from that program.

It’s tough out here.   Do you hear talk that the recession is over?  Perhaps the media ought to take a look down at us folks in the trenches before they start singing that tune.

“Good news!” says the government. “You can all buy new cars to live in after you lose your homes!

You know what I think? A clearance sale on unsold stock is just a sale on stuff nobody wanted to buy in the first place.  Be careful if you’re buying.  Choose wisely.  I’ve been reading Consumer Reports on cars and I am appalled at how poorly many of these “bargain” cars did in the ratings.

Could the junker you know be better than the junky car the  dealers are pushing off on you? I visited more than a few dealers who didn’t have the stock they advertised for the junker program.  Quite a few dealers decided not to follow the government list as to whether or not our car qualified for the program and in two cases I noted that the sale price of vehicle we were considering had been increased by two thousand dollars from last year. So, be careful.

Anyway, I’ll be updating the totals later today.  Right now,  I better start writing.

I’m going to need to buy dog food this week.


5 Responses to “Day 20 of Tap!”
  1. Shriek says:

    Rough and tough week with severely limited access to Internet, but I had a trusty (old and rusty) laptop to keep me writing. Thanks Whatever Powers May Bbe for an external storage device. Anyway, here’s the week’s word count.

    Mon = 1100
    Tue = 900
    Wed = 1000
    Thu = 1100
    Fri = still writing today

    Week total = 4100
    August total to date = 26,000

    I truly hope next week is uneventful.

    Raven, I see plenty of events going on around you. Hold on tight!

  2. Shriek says:

    OMG Raven, I bought pet food last week and it nearly broke the bank.

    Recession over? Companys’ bottom lines might look better but it’s mainly because of cost cutting and cut-backs. They’ve dumped the salaries of over half a million employees.

    For those without a job or prospects for a job anytime soon, it’s more than recession; it’s depression.

    The good news? A good many people are finding ways to finagle without being somebody else’s employee.

    Do you think the companies will ever figure out that the only product they’ve been creating for the last quarter century is a CONSUMER?

    Without consumer spending power, where do they think they’re going to be?

    Yikes! Back to the scene!

  3. Greta Igl says:

    Back to work after a wonderful family vacation. I come back renewed, refreshed, and ready to work!


  4. Shriek says:

    Hard working weekend:

    Fri = 1800
    Sat = 2000
    Sun = 1000

    Weekend total = 4800

    Total thru Aug 23 = 30,800

    Hope dogs with full tummies and happy and wagging tails!

  5. Jbarwriter says:

    Lie…nay… the government and news media would not lie to us…would they? Help! I’m chocking on that one. 🙂

    A big hurrah for all you hard working writers, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things… soon I hope.

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