Tap Runner

Where Have I Been?

I think I’ve been stuck in high anxiety mode for a month and it hasn’t been pleasant.  I’m going to have to figure out the final word count for the TAP! writers, which is impressive because they all kept writing and reporting in throughout the month of August.

Right now, let’s talk about Where I Am Going.

I’m working on a youth  program with the local library.  We’re going to offer local teens the opportunity to participate in National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.  I’ve done it for three years.  This year, I’m going to play group leader and meet with a group of young writers at the library.  We’re going to do the big write together.

I’m also two weeks into  Jordan Rosenfeld’s four week Fiction Magic class.  She’s an inspirational  teacher with two fantastic books to her credit Write Free and Make a Scene. I love the assignments she’s sending me.  I don’t think I’ve ever pored so hard over my scenes as I have in this class.  It is well worth the money. Check out her blog at


I’m also enrolled in Shelley Lieber’s From Class to Cash in 6 Weeks which starts next Tuesday.  Shelley’s Vip Authors site is fantastic.  She’s got audio downloads (coaching calls and author talks) that are extremely helpful for anyone who wants to learn the business side of writing.  I’ve attend several tele-classes hosted by Shelley and I enjoyed them all.  More importantly, I’ve learned more in one hour than I have in three months scanning magazines on the topic of how market myself and my work.  Take a peek at:


AND I’m returning to my writing group at Writers’ Village University. I’ve missed my buddies over there and though I don’t feel I actually got the rest I’d hoped for during my hiatus, I’m ready to return to the company of these fabulous writers.   I hear the Sweethearts are about to make a run at an intriguing Australian author, among other things.  Sounds like fun.  Guys, I’ve been lurking and reading the assignments.  I can’t wait to get back into Landon’s Lectures.

So, there you are. Or here I am.  Or maybe there I go.

It’s all relative.  I’m sure from the perspective of a fruit fly, I’m standing still.


  1. Shriek says:


    Wonderful title for today’s page! And from a great story. I see your ending is more favorable than the one Joyce Carol Oates gave to 15-year-old Connie. BTW, how is your father doing?

    Great courses you have lined up right now. Raven, you are a woman with a plan!

    Meanwhile, Shriek keeps eeking away at shitty first draft of novel. By the official end of TAP on August 31, WC stood at 42,300.

    Sniff, sniff that I didn’t make 50,000. Even though I was not writing on NaNoWriMo basis, the bad angel kept insisting “you should.”

    August turned out to a killer month with a two-week intensive workshop in imagery that Carol O’Malley sponsored (guest writers included) in the WVU group “Persist and Publish,” followed by the first exercise from the Landon Lectures. You’d think the first one would be simple, right? Wrong. Some of us who went through it are still licking our wounds.

    Meanwhile, though TAP ended with my official WC at 42,300 I continue to pound the keyboard on shitty first draft and yesterday (9/10/09) climbed to WC 55,100.

    Haven’t reached the end of the story yet, and that I intend to do no matter what, still writing scenes every day. Have to finish it before I can turn around and see what I’ve actually created and what comes next.

    Raven, you’ve got a great autumn quarter lined up for your writing career! Go for it!


    • ravenlaw says:

      No Worries, Shriek!

      It was all about getting into the habit of working on your nip. You are so close! And if you have to go back and revise, who cares! I think you’ve done a stupendous job keeping on schedule. And I return to Sweethearts to learn you are going to be an official group member!


      I’m looking forward to reading your work every week with everyone else.


  2. Just stoppd by to say hi.
    Wow, you’re busy. No wonder you succeed.
    Wishes and vibes,
    Grumps. 😉

    • ravenlaw says:


      So glad you hear from you. I see you’ve been over in Persist & Perish. Love the story your posted for the imagery assignment. It’s a beautifully constructed scene.

      I’m hoping we’ll hear from each other more often when I return.

      Keep writing! And say hello to Mrs. Grump for me.


  3. You’ve done good with all the crapola that hit all at once. Sounds like you are looking forward and writing on. You’ve got your work cut out with the young writers meeting for the nanowrmo (or whatever it’s called). I appluade you for volunteering your time. What a gal. So glad I know you.

    I was looking for a u tube to make you smile. This one struck me funny and I thought you might like.

  4. Glad you liked the video. It’s one of my favorite songs.

    Another late nighter, huh? That’s when the best work is done. Thanks for stopping by, Laurel. I’ve been thinking about you.

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