I Believe in Magic….

Laurel Wilczek:

I’ve been writing short stories for over a decade. The length of each story varies from 500 to 7,000 words. Many of my stories include a quality of magic that frees the character’s universe from the rules governing the “real” world. Some stories contain an element of humor along side of a dark, morbid theme. I enjoy contrasts. I enjoy using fantastical elements, although I don’t consider my stories to be completely within the genre of fantasy. I define my work as magic realism. For me, the pleasure of this genre lies in the freedom to explore exotic themes in mythology and see how they stand up in the modern world. I see each of my stories as a sphinx posing a riddle for me to solve.

When I was four years old, I asked my parents, “Why is the sky blue?” and I heard the standard reply given to every child, “Because.” I didn’t like it then, I still don’t like it. There are some people who understand and accept this world as it is. Others spend their lifetime trying to fix it. I prefer to be one of those holding a screwdriver. If you ask me why the sky is blue, I’ll tell you because it’s magic.

I’m a graduate of Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I’ve spent a decade honing my writing skills in classes at the local community college and at East Stroudsburg University. I’ve also been active at online writing sites and in critiquing forums at Writers Village University, Editor’s Unleashed, and A Novel Approach. Recently, I completed a year-long study of the classical and modern short story form in the Writers’ Village University MFA Short Story Program. I credit much of my success to my writing groups and to the writers who have worked beside me across the years. I live with my husband, two daughters, three nosy dogs, and a cockatiel named Pipkin in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

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