Feast of Flash at “Not From Here Are you?”

It happened while  we were busily tapping away for the Nation Novel Writing Month.  Talented writer and highly successful author, Michael Solender, decided to hold a contest called “Feast of Flash” during November.  The theme? Thanksgiving of course! Michael, author of the “Not From Here Are You?” blog, added a neat twist. (He is a master at twists, by the way) and listed the prize as  100.00 to the winner’s favorite charity.

And that little perk caused me to pause in my nano write and snap at the hook.  Who could resist an opportunity to help out those in need?  So, I submitted a short story written in the spirit of a long ago memory of myself, my bad dog, and a Thanksgiving Day disaster that occurred many years ago. To fully appreciate the Grand Prize Winner: Thanksgiving Day Pies, you need to understand how very bad my childhood dog was.

Freia was a German Shepherd without a conscience.  She  was supremely intelligent and sneaky as hell.  Our 2nd most famous German Shepherd, the first earned her place in a memorable event which resulted in the collapse of our front porch and a mad chase after a screaming paper boy, Freia tested the limits of my parents tolerance that year by chewing the heads off seven chocolate Easter bunnies, eating food off the table at a every summer picnic, gnawing the leg off our roaster while we were praying over our Sunday meal, pooping on the my mother’s Oriental rug (every other week) and shredding cushions, pillows and the trousers of a electric utility man who swore he could tame any dog. ( I’m afraid,  he was the one who learned to jump before Freia.)

Nothing was off-limits to this dog.  Smart without ever being trained, she once climbed a ladder to return a paint brush that my sister dropped while painting the ceiling.  Freia’s nickname was “Bushwacker” because she would allow anyone onto the property, stalk them like a wolf and charge them when she was confident of her victory.  Many times we found articles scattered on the sidewalk–articles that belonged to would-be visitors  who had been forced to flee the premises. We’d identify them by the wallets or purses left behind and make the obligatory phone calls, apologizing  and promising that it would never happen again.

By the time the terrible pie incident occurred, Freia was on probation. I’d already covered up a plethora of canine indiscretions–a poop outside my parent’s door,  a pee outside the bathroom door, a chewed slipper at the bottom of the staircase AND  a brutally savaged Oriental runner in the upstairs hallway.  (A crime which I concealed by a skillful application of oil paints to the naked mesh.) But even with all my efforts,  Freia was definitely working on her third and  final strike that Thanksgiving Day– a day that went down in history as the day Freia escaped the pound.

I hope you visit Michael Solender’s blog and read “Thanksgiving Day Pies” on Thanksgiving Day.  In fact,  please read  all the wonderful stories he sparked with his challenge.  Each story is worth the visit. Michael is offering one week of delicious Thanksgiving stories.   It’s a collection of great writes by  fabulous authors raising money for charity.  Stop in and read. Leave a comment if you like. These writers are fine.


Here’s the schedule:

11/24: First Runners up:

Mike Whitney -Simple Gifts

J.F Juzwik – Undying Gratitude.

11/25: Second Runners Up:

Jodi MacArthur- Burning Yesterday

Mary Beth Ray – On The Autostrada

11/ 26: Grand Prize Winner : Laurel Wilczek – Thanksgiving Day Pies.

Saturday 11/28: Lee Hughes

Sunday 11/29: Kim Perzy Urig & Aleathia Drehmer

Monday 11/30: Eric Beetner & Hazar Worth

Tuesday 12/1: Christopher Grant

Wednesday 12/2 Paul Phillips & Erin Cole

Thursday 12/3 Angel Zapata & Daniel Stine

10 Responses to “Feast of Flash at “Not From Here Are you?””
  1. Aw, I’m laughing here! Thanks for sharing about your pooches. How funny, Laurel. Can’t wait to read the story!

    • ravenlaw says:

      Thanks for stopping in to read my story, Jodi. I absolutely loved the story you submitted. What a skillful use of 2nd person.

      You rock!


  2. joni says:

    I’m very proud of you! I had to pop in before going through the hustle and bustle of my day.

    Good read, GREAT story, and lovely woman behind the pen!

    God Bless, my friend!


    • ravenlaw says:


      I’m hoping you are enjoying a bit of snow out there. Thanks for the Poetry Sundays. I love going over to read them. You make sure you get enough to eat and don’t forget to eat PIE!


  3. Ha!I knew there was a real doggie behind this work. Thanks for sharing the back story and your talent with us at the NOT. Congrats to you and best of the season!

    • ravenlaw says:

      Hi Micheal,

      Thanks for throwing the “Feast of Flash” party. It was fun and challenging. You’re right, you received wonderful stories for the contest. I’ve been enjoying each entry and look forward to more to come.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  4. Mary Ann Lewis says:

    Great back story to a beautifully written piece, Laurel! I could see, smell, and feel the whole scene… brought back fond memories, too! I’ll be sure to share it with my brother and sister-in-law when they arrive shortly with their own “bad dog.” Congrats on your well-deserved Grand Prize!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (pies intact, of course)!

    • ravenlaw says:

      Mary Ann!

      It’s good to hear from you. Glad you liked the story. Here’s hoping that after teen writer’s Nano, you will start into your own writing.

      Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you on Monday for the final Nano teen write of 2009. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the T-shirts turned out.


  5. Jbarwriter says:

    Lovely memory, and how I love that pooch. I’m very much a dog fan, always, no matter how bad they’ve been. Wondeful story.

    • ravenlaw says:

      Thanks JB,

      It’s so good to hear from you. What IS it about dogs that makes us so loyal to them? Maybe the fact they love us without judging us. At the end of the day, when one pie has been split eight ways, I guess that’s all that matters.

      Be well,


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