Nancy Holzner: Marketing “Deadtown”

“DEADTOWN is a perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, humor and even modern-day social issues.  It’s Boston as you’ve never seen it . . . where the shapes shift, the zombies gnaw, and the blood flows warm through the oh-so-delicious veins of the area known as Deadtown. Victory Vaughn gives evil a run for its money.”

Anton Strout, author of DEAD TO ME


Interview with Nancy Holzner: Marketing Deadtown

It’s one of the most dreaded words that authors come across while pursuing success in the publishing industry.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of most important.


A decade ago that was something somebody down the hall did for authors once the book was written and turned over to the editor. Today, the tables have been turned on writers. It’s the first word that comes into the conversation the minute a writer submits a novel for consideration to a potential buyer.  It arrives disguised in questions like “Do you have an author platform?” or “Are you on Facebook or Twitter?” and “How many followers did you say you have?”


The new word served to writers whether they ordered it or not.  Welcome to installment #3 of my interview with author, Nancy Holzner.  Today, Nancy discusses her marketing techniques for her novel, Deadtown.

What are some important things for a writer to focus on in her pursuit of publishing a book?

Read widely—books that are similar to yours but also stuff that’s way out of your genre.  Join a critique groups to give and get feedback.  Learn about publishing.  There are a lot of unscrupulous people eager to make money from writers who don’t understand how publishing works.  Talk to other writers on forums like Absolute Write, read blogs by industry professionals, check out watchdog sties like Writer Beware and Preditors and Editors.

What has been the biggest surprise in the process of writing, selling and promoting Deadtown?

How much time it takes.  It’s fun, but it’s definitely time-consuming.

What are some of the traditional methods you’ve used to market your work?

My publisher sent out advance review copies to numerous reviewers.  I’ve got a blog tour set up, and I’m doing lots of contests to get Deadtown into readers’ hands.  Because it’s a brand-new series, I hope to connect with readers who will look forward to the sequels.  I posted Chapter 1 on my website as a teaser.

What are some other methods you’ve used to promote you new novel?

I’m running a contest on my website.  It’s called Countdown to Deadtown, and I’m giving away prizes throughout the monthu  as the 12/29 release date approaches.

After employing different methods in marketing your book, which do you think is the most efficient?

For me, it has to be over the Internet.  I’m combining social networking with blog appearances.  I’ll be going to a few conferences this year too, but in general I don’t have the time or the money to do much traveling to promote the book in person.

What do you think is the most important feature of an author’s platform?

I don’t really think of myself as having a platform.  I’m working to build one now, so I can’t say yet what its most important aspect is.

How can a reader get a hold of your blog tour schedule for Deadtown?

I’m in the process of putting my blog tour schedule on my website.

Thank you, Nancy, for peek into how authors market their work. To read Nancy Holzner’s first interview go to

Nancy Holzner’s new novel, Deadtown, will be released December 29, 2009.  Go to to read the Chapter 1 of Deadtown and to get more  information on her contests, booksignings, and blog tour.

Next:  Nancy Holzner talks about her personal writing space.

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