Belated New Year’s Resolution

The past month  might have seen me flat on my back and breathing into a humidifier, but I’m better and I’m back at the desk working on new and old projects.   As I was easing back into the driver’s seat, I realized that I missed New Year’s Day and everything that is associated with it.  No, I’m not just talking about the champagne; I mean the New Year’s resolutions.  I didn’t make one.

Well, maybe I did vow never to kiss anyone during the holidays again, but that was in the heat of the moment and it doesn’t count because resolutions are supposed to improve a person, not reveal the troll that emerges when the old tonsils are screaming for ice.  However belated, I needed to get something down on paper, if only to prove to myself three weeks of no reading, writing, or revision didn’t mean I’d lost my incentive.  All I needed was a little help to start, so I decided to peek at my resolutions for 2009.

And I read, “I will publish a new story” and “I will step out into the writing life.”

Cool.  Nice safe resolutions.   I picked up my 2009 journal, flipped it open and scanned the pages.

I was stunned.

Somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, I went from a hobble to a trot, to a lope and then an all-out gallop.   I’m talking new blog, new website and a whole new approach to the writing life.  As Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way” foretold, synchronicity showed up at my door, wrapped itself around my shoulders and stayed!

Which was wonderful for 2009, but where did it leave me in 2010?  Things hadn’t started out well.  I’d caught the flu New Year’s Eve.  Two weeks after that, my computer caught a wicked virus and had to be wiped clean.   I picked up a significant new monthly bill and an estimate for two thousand dollars worth of work on my car.  Resolutions?  How about I resolve to ignore my bill and dump my car into the nearest river?

I was tempted.  But there’s another gift 2009 bestowed upon me—a humble gift that arrived unexpectedly, without wrapping.

Gratitude for the good things that arrived in my life.

Much of my success came by way of the people in my life.  People Julia Cameron would insist arrived by way of synchronicity.  Some are only voices on a telephone or a snapshot taken someplace I’ve never been.  Some are a blog, an email or a note on Facebook.  And some are twitters in floating space.  This fragile connection is so easily broken with the press of a button.  Most of you probably think you’ve gone unnoticed. Not true.

I remember you.   I think of you often.  I wonder whether you are following your dreams and whether you are well. I think about you as people, not just names on a screen. And so I must ask you something…

Is your house is finally finished? Are your horses safe from the rain? Are you playing with your dogs in the snow?   Did you make a snowman after that monstrous snowstorm?  Do you like your new job?  Is your wife feeling better?  Have you written it all down so you can fondle your memories later, when the babies are put to bed and your arm is feeling better and all your cyber puppies are snoozing at the bottom of your screen?

I think of all of you and I have my first New Year Resolution.

#1.   I will be grateful for friends made in the past and those still to come in 2010.

Write well. Live your dream.


4 Responses to “Belated New Year’s Resolution”
  1. P. Clarke says:

    A beautiful blog entry, Raven. Your writing is ever beautiful even on your blog. Being sick with the swine flu? Hmmm I do not envy you. My New Years wasn’t to great either but I am hoping the rest of 2010 will be willing to make a change of attitude (If years can have attitudes).

    I wish you the best of luck on publishing that new story and hope that your friends know how much you mean to them.

    P.s. Good resolution! I am sure you can keep it.

    • ravenlaw says:

      Thanks for stopping in Paige. I hope you and your pudgy pup are well-fed and content on this wintry night. :)I have no doubt that this year will see you celebrating many new achievements.

      Be well,


  2. OCC says:


    Always nice to hear from you (Lord knows you and I drop out of contact far too often), and it’s also nice to read about your plans for the upcoming year.

    The Swine Flu for New Year’s Eve? That sounds particularly nasty. I’m glad I wasn’t around to catch that from you.

    I enjoy your writing, but by far it is your humour that catches the eye. Thank you for writing, dreaming, and inspiring.

    I’m always wishing you the best, I’ll send more prayers your way and many more happier and optimistic thoughts. Kudos from the club of OCC.

    *Waves to all of Raven’s friends*

    • ravenlaw says:

      Thank you for stopping by OCC!

      It’s nice to know you are alive and still kicking. I hope all is well with you and that you are keeping up with your journal. Spring isn’t far away, so hang in there.

      And thanks so much for the prayers!


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