When it comes to writing, you never know what friends you’ll meet and how long those friends will be in your life.  A number of years ago, I had the honor of winning a contest at Savvy The prize was membership in a fantasy class hosted at SA and taught by a wonderful person/writer June Diehl. During that journey I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Gibson and  Ellen Russell. Two very talented writers destined for great things in the world of publication. The three of us hitched our wagons together to become the infamous, albeit a little nuts, Three Musketeers.

Ellen is the one who tagged me for the blog chain.  She’s a romance writer who just released her first  book called, Northern Light. Her success in publishing her first novel is well deserved.  Ellen is one of the hardest working authors I know. She deserves her kudos. I raise my glass to Ellen for pursuing her dream to publication and for knowing me well enough to figure out that I’ll turn a kick in the pants into a challenge. In this case, an invite to participate in a writing process blog chain into the creation of a new blog site.

Welcome to Elsewhere Bound and my second post based on the Writing Process Blog Chain:


1. What am I working on?

I am currently working on Spells & Tells, 90,000 words, dark-quirk fantasy with romantic elements. It’s been a long haul, but I’m still on the path and have ten more chapters to go. Recently, I tested the first 10,000 words in the 2013 The Golden Rose Contest hosted by the RWA chapter in Oregon. I’m please to say Spells & Tells won first place in the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category. Does that mean it’s over?  I wish. Time to gird up the old loins and get back into the fight. There’s still one third of the novel to revise.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think the characters set this work apart. They’re fun on the surface, but much more serious underneath. They each have a their outlook on life, not all politically correct, but what the hay?  Variety makes the world go round. In fiction, it can make the world go “boom!”

I love boom.

3. Why do I write what I do?

It’s all about the journey. The more unpredictable the better. I love magic and fantasy. Some people get their jollies from bungee jumping off a bridge. I get them from messing around in my character’s lives. There are days when I think I should have gone for the bungee thing, until I throw a character off the bridge. After that, all is right in the world once more.

So I guess it’s the boom AND the screaming that comes afterward that I love.

4. How does my writing process work?

Picture the characters from Cat In The Hat, by Dr. Seuss after the cat showed up to add some spice to the characters’ mundane lives. Basically, that’s what’ going on when I first start writing.  It takes about forty minutes to calm all my characters down and get them back into their roles. After that, I look at my plot points and compare them to what’s going on. This is where I always find myself revising because when the starting gun goes off not all my characters play fair. Quite a few are cheats and liars and like to masquerade as the true hero or heroine.  In order to stop that nonsense, I usually shoot the noisiest characters first and wait to see how the others react.

Nine times out of ten, the actual hero or heroine is the quiet one, sitting off to the side with a bottle of coke and a hot dog.

As a writer, I can be messy and chaotic and that often translates into offbeat characters with quite a few wild adventures. As a person, I can be directed and hyper-focused. That translates into being very particular when it comes to revising my stories. In short, when it comes to creating, I’m all about free expression. When it comes to revision, I’m all about the carving knife.


I’ve tagged Julia Pierce as the next link in the chain. Watch her for post on January 20, 2014.

Julia Pierce was a photojournalist until she was kidnapped by the dogs.  She does freelance writing for Education Associations.  Book one of her middle grade book (series) is a fantasy titled, “The Land of Yay.” The story line is: A puppy and his girl must outwit the most intelligent being in the universe, an evil mad scientist mosquito bent on exterminating the entire human race.  It’s called the “Land of Yay – Pony and Puppy Dog Tales.”  It’s in its final revision.

When she’s not writing, Jules is a professional dog trainer who has specialized in rehabbing aggressive and fearful dogs.


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