The Big Oops!

Yesterday, I walked into my living room, found a Christmas ornament on the carpet and hung it back on the Christmas tree. Yup.  You heard right.  My tree is still up and lit. Oops. My Bad.  I keep forgetting to pack it away. We all make mistakes, right? And we all have our methods for … Continue reading

Belated New Year’s Resolution

The past month  might have seen me flat on my back and breathing into a humidifier, but I’m better and I’m back at the desk working on new and old projects.   As I was easing back into the driver’s seat, I realized that I missed New Year’s Day and everything that is associated with it.  … Continue reading

The Raven’s Eye Chills Out

I don’t think our pal on the doghouse is looking for the Red Baron right now, do you? Maybe he thinks if he hangs around long enough on that roof the Red Baron will eventually find him. Or he figures there’s a melt down in his future and it won’t matter  because a preordained resolution … Continue reading

The Raven’s Eye : Cold Feet

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The Raven’s Eye

This is my first blog, ever.  I’ve been thinking about doing one for over a year.I admit this isn’t something I want to do.  Right now, I feel as though I’ve been caught in the shower by a bunch of Peeping Toms. Worse, I feel as though I have to say something witty or momentous … Continue reading