Day 4 Countdown to TAP!

Yesterday,  I went over the elements of a good plot with a young writer who has decided to try and participate in TAP! It’s funny how many complications a writer can come up with when the right questions are asked.  Of course, the more complex the outline became, the more worried this writer was about … Continue reading

Day 6 Countdown to TAP!

I’ve been doing the historical research for my novel location.  Lucky me! There are pictures available!  I’ve also bought a leather organizer to store my notes. Makes things feel a little more real. My book from Amazon arrived today. “Four Hundred Years of History Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds:  The American Resting Place” by … Continue reading

Day 7 Countdown to TAP!

You’ve probably noticed the huge gap between day eleven  and day seven. I wasn’t goofing off. I signed up for World Building over at Writers’ Village University and have been feverishly defining my world in the novel. It takes place in the real world, so I’m using the maps, county statistics,  entertainment pamphlets, and anything … Continue reading

Flash Fiction 40 Anthology out!

I’m pleased to announce that the Flash Fiction 40  Anthology by Editor Unleashed and Smashwords is out and available for downloads.  Fairy Tales is in the company of 39 fabulous stories from the Flash Fiction 40 Contest that was held this summer at Editor Unleashed. There are some terrific stories like Running on the Iron … Continue reading

Day 11 Countdown to TAP!

I’ve begun to narrow down my research to a hundred mile radius around the town where my character will live. I’ve also been visiting the local graveyards and studying the oldest church in that area. I’ve decided I need a geographical map to locate the natural lakes around the county. I’ve also been collecting data … Continue reading

Twelve Day Countdown to TAP!

Twelves days to blast off and I’ve already hit a bump in my preparations. I’ve got lots of research material, but how much do I actually need to write this novel? Facts like weird museums, geographical maps depicting mine shafts in the area and the division of school districts are examples of information that I’ve … Continue reading

Working on a New Challenge

Okay,  fun’s over. Time to focus on another goal. I’ve got four novels sitting in storage. I’m ready to make it three.  I’ve decided to tackle the revision for the second biggest monster in my own personal slush pile. At 110,000 words, it’s ready for a pruning. I’m going to name this endeavor “The August … Continue reading

Raven’s Interview With Smashwords

Mike Coker, founder of Smashwords, (an ebook publisher) recently  posted my interview with Smashwords at I’m pleased to say he did a fine job with it.  Please feel free to stop by, read the interview and leave a comment. Thanks for featuring me at Smashwords, Mark. It’s a cool place with lots to offer … Continue reading

My “Fairy Tales” won the grand prize in the Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 Contest!

I’m very proud to announce that my short story, “Fairy Tales” won the grand prize in the Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 Contest. The entries were fabulous! Maria Schneider, owner of Editor Unleashed, gave the contestants the chance to read all 280 entries and rate them on a five star system in a popular vote.  … Continue reading