Feast of Flash at “Not From Here Are you?”

It happened while  we were busily tapping away for the Nation Novel Writing Month.  Talented writer and highly successful author, Michael Solender, decided to hold a contest called “Feast of Flash” during November.  The theme? Thanksgiving of course! Michael, author of the “Not From Here Are You?” blog, added a neat twist. (He is a … Continue reading

Finished the National Novel Writing Month Challenge!

How did I do that? I’ve been neglecting you, but with good reason.  I’ve been chasing after my word count for National Novel Writing Month.  And baby, I am done.  I sailed over the finish line yesterday afternoon at 50,000 + words.  Which means, I averaged 2500 words per day or 17,500 words per week. … Continue reading


National Novel Writing Month has arrived! And I’ve started the race with a dozen teen writers itching to prove themselves. We’ve got a lot of enthusiasm, an excess of talent and tons of CANDY! Personally, I think Chris Baty’s strategy for holding the NaNoWriMo in November is dastardly clever.  Thousands of writers all over the … Continue reading