Mastering The Story Board

I thought I’d break my 2010  lazy streak this week and post again. Yeah, you got me.  A couple of writing buddies asked me for a little more detail on the story board and these guys know where I live.  So, let’s talk about how to create a story board. 1.  This is a white … Continue reading


Earlier in my writing journey, I shunned the use of the story board.  I felt it was too time consuming, especially when I figured in the time spent gathering all the materials and then the actual time it took to prepare the board. A decade later, I returned to this tool, but this time, I … Continue reading

An Eye is I

It’s all in the eye of the beholder–how you look at life, that is. Whether you see the glass as half empty or half full.  Whether you see purpose in your life or believed that you are simply here by accident. It’s all about perspective. It’s all about you. or me. or  “I.” As writers … Continue reading

On Contests

I like them. There. I said it.  I like the excitement of competing for a prize.  I like checking my email for the possibility of good news. I like the feeling of satisfaction of finishing a story and doing something with it. Contests motivate me. They give me prompts which can lead to a whole … Continue reading

The Big Oops!

Yesterday, I walked into my living room, found a Christmas ornament on the carpet and hung it back on the Christmas tree. Yup.  You heard right.  My tree is still up and lit. Oops. My Bad.  I keep forgetting to pack it away. We all make mistakes, right? And we all have our methods for … Continue reading

Belated New Year’s Resolution

The past month  might have seen me flat on my back and breathing into a humidifier, but I’m better and I’m back at the desk working on new and old projects.   As I was easing back into the driver’s seat, I realized that I missed New Year’s Day and everything that is associated with it.  … Continue reading

Grounded by the Swine Flu!

And feeling hostile to pigs everywhere.  After eight miserable days, I am well enough to sit up and type.  I’m hanging with the pillows, tissues and decongestants.  My head is still throbbing. My throat feels as if somebody’s camped under my tonsils and lit a fire to roast marshmallows. I’m grateful for ice cream and … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: Writing Space

“Fast, fun, and feisty, Holzner’s DEADTOWN is chock-full of supernatural action, danger, and creatures who do more than go bump in the night.” Devon Monk, author of MAGIC IN THE BLOOD ********************************************************************** I’ve always wished that I could take a tour of a published writer’s home.  Not one of those, “oooh” and “ahhH” tours where … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: Marketing “Deadtown”

“DEADTOWN is a perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, humor and even modern-day social issues.  It’s Boston as you’ve never seen it . . . where the shapes shift, the zombies gnaw, and the blood flows warm through the oh-so-delicious veins of the area known as Deadtown. Victory Vaughn gives evil a run for its money.” … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: The Writing Process

“Holzner’s take on the Urban Fantasy genre is unique, refreshing, and a damn good read. I’m looking forward to more adventures in DEADTOWN with Vicky Vaughn–this heroine totally kicks butt!” Phaedra Wheldon, author of PHANTASM *********************************************************************** Since I ‘m featuring Nancy Holzner, author of Deadtown, during the last days of December, I thought I’d include … Continue reading