< Well, I’m happy to learn that I’m not the only one reading my blog. I’d like thank Elizabeth Gibson at  for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Elizabeth’s blog is a friendly, informative read for the day. I like her topics. I like the soft, easy-on-the-eyes design. I like the tone, because … Continue reading

21st Century Hysteria

21st Century Hysteria Recently, I’ve discovered something about myself that I really don’t like. I am swamped with fear. Fear of unexpected bills. Fear of missing payment on a credit card. Fear of cracking a tooth. Fear of my dog getting hit by a car. Fear of losing my debit card. Fear of car repairs, … Continue reading


At two a.m. this morning, I hit the 50,000 word count for the National Novel Writing Month.  It was a quiet moment, marked by the cacophony of snores from my two dogs  and from my husband who was out cold with a laptop propped on his chest.  Such is the fate of the writer. We … Continue reading


Twelve years ago, I enrolled in my first online writing class.  I was terribly nervous about exposing myself to a faceless audience.  Like all newbies, I was petrified of anyone reading my work. The idea of someone not liking one of my stories sent me into a panic mode. Somehow, I thought that if I … Continue reading

Belated New Year’s Resolution

The past month  might have seen me flat on my back and breathing into a humidifier, but I’m better and I’m back at the desk working on new and old projects.   As I was easing back into the driver’s seat, I realized that I missed New Year’s Day and everything that is associated with it.  … Continue reading

DAY 17 of TAP!

Things got a bit hairy around my house last week.  Big family party.  Run in with a deer.  Doctor appointments for everybody starting school in a few weeks.  Massive anxiety over whether the clunker I know is better than a new car with horrible reliability ratings and an expiration date stamped on the tail plate.  … Continue reading


Well, I had a hectic schedule this weekend that flowed into Monday, but I’m getting it back together this morning to update the totals of our participating writers. Aven 7,800+800 (sat)+ 900(mon) = 9,500 Paige 7,400+ 1000(sat)+ 500(Mon)= 8,900 Greta: Still going strong! Shriek 10,100+1,700(Sat)+600(Sun)+1200(M0n)= 13600 Raven  11,476  Revision (-300 Sat) Writing time:  2 hours … Continue reading

DAY 7 of TAP!

Today is Friday and we are about to finish one week of Tap! I think our writers are doing exceptionally well. I would like to reiterate that each writer is working on an individual project.  That means the word count isn’t the only means by which to show progress.  Greta, for instance, is working on … Continue reading


Yesterday was a tough day for some of us, but everyone held on and managed to get some work done. I did get distracted by the glorious day and the temptation of a hike around a mountain lake.  I think I needed that.  Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy August.  A good writing … Continue reading


Well, another day flew by and I’m finishing up late tonight.  Our two young writers checked in with me earlier this evening as did Greta and Shriek. So let’s get those totals up. Aven  reported 800 words today.  Total count: 6,100 words Paige reported  800 words today.  Total count: 5,600 words Shriek reported 2,100 words … Continue reading