Eight things I learned in publishing MERITH’S SWEETS on Smashwords

Merith’s Sweets Social outcast Sami Dawson won’t let his physical handicap keep him down. He’s going to ask a beautiful girl on a date and prove he’s as normal as any other guy. But as secret curator of the gate to Fairy Land, Merith Sweets isn’t normal. In fact, she isn’t even human. The town’s … Continue reading


Twelve years ago, I enrolled in my first online writing class.  I was terribly nervous about exposing myself to a faceless audience.  Like all newbies, I was petrified of anyone reading my work. The idea of someone not liking one of my stories sent me into a panic mode. Somehow, I thought that if I … Continue reading

I Believe in Magic….

Laurel Wilczek: I’ve been writing short stories for over a decade. The length of each story varies from 500 to 7,000 words. Many of my stories include a quality of magic that frees the character’s universe from the rules governing the “real” world. Some stories contain an element of humor along side of a dark, … Continue reading