It’s Nano time!

The marathon has started. Which just goes to show you that neither rain, nor snow, nor flooding, nor lack of electricity will stop writers from chasing the dream of writing a novel.  If you live in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, you probably started off writing by candlelight or flashlight.  Maybe you resorted to … Continue reading

Mastering The Story Board

I thought I’d break my 2010  lazy streak this week and post again. Yeah, you got me.  A couple of writing buddies asked me for a little more detail on the story board and these guys know where I live.  So, let’s talk about how to create a story board. 1.  This is a white … Continue reading


Earlier in my writing journey, I shunned the use of the story board.  I felt it was too time consuming, especially when I figured in the time spent gathering all the materials and then the actual time it took to prepare the board. A decade later, I returned to this tool, but this time, I … Continue reading


Well, I had a hectic schedule this weekend that flowed into Monday, but I’m getting it back together this morning to update the totals of our participating writers. Aven 7,800+800 (sat)+ 900(mon) = 9,500 Paige 7,400+ 1000(sat)+ 500(Mon)= 8,900 Greta: Still going strong! Shriek 10,100+1,700(Sat)+600(Sun)+1200(M0n)= 13600 Raven  11,476  Revision (-300 Sat) Writing time:  2 hours … Continue reading

DAY 7 of TAP!

Today is Friday and we are about to finish one week of Tap! I think our writers are doing exceptionally well. I would like to reiterate that each writer is working on an individual project.  That means the word count isn’t the only means by which to show progress.  Greta, for instance, is working on … Continue reading


Yesterday was a tough day for some of us, but everyone held on and managed to get some work done. I did get distracted by the glorious day and the temptation of a hike around a mountain lake.  I think I needed that.  Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy August.  A good writing … Continue reading


Well, another day flew by and I’m finishing up late tonight.  Our two young writers checked in with me earlier this evening as did Greta and Shriek. So let’s get those totals up. Aven  reported 800 words today.  Total count: 6,100 words Paige reported  800 words today.  Total count: 5,600 words Shriek reported 2,100 words … Continue reading

DAY 2: The Horses Have Left The Gate!

Five writers have openly declared they are participating in TAP! Good number.   And they’ve left the gate at breakneck speed!  Paige checked in with another 2,ooo  making her 2 day total 4,000.  Aven is at 3,500.  I just finished my two hour sprint about an hour ago and have a 4,000 word count.  Shriek informs … Continue reading

Working on a New Challenge

Okay,  fun’s over. Time to focus on another goal. I’ve got four novels sitting in storage. I’m ready to make it three.  I’ve decided to tackle the revision for the second biggest monster in my own personal slush pile. At 110,000 words, it’s ready for a pruning. I’m going to name this endeavor “The August … Continue reading