Eight things I learned in publishing MERITH’S SWEETS on Smashwords

Merith’s Sweets Social outcast Sami Dawson won’t let his physical handicap keep him down. He’s going to ask a beautiful girl on a date and prove he’s as normal as any other guy. But as secret curator of the gate to Fairy Land, Merith Sweets isn’t normal. In fact, she isn’t even human. The town’s … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: Writing Space

“Fast, fun, and feisty, Holzner’s DEADTOWN is chock-full of supernatural action, danger, and creatures who do more than go bump in the night.” Devon Monk, author of MAGIC IN THE BLOOD ********************************************************************** I’ve always wished that I could take a tour of a published writer’s home.  Not one of those, “oooh” and “ahhH” tours where … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: Marketing “Deadtown”

“DEADTOWN is a perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, humor and even modern-day social issues.  It’s Boston as you’ve never seen it . . . where the shapes shift, the zombies gnaw, and the blood flows warm through the oh-so-delicious veins of the area known as Deadtown. Victory Vaughn gives evil a run for its money.” … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: The Writing Process

“Holzner’s take on the Urban Fantasy genre is unique, refreshing, and a damn good read. I’m looking forward to more adventures in DEADTOWN with Vicky Vaughn–this heroine totally kicks butt!” Phaedra Wheldon, author of PHANTASM *********************************************************************** Since I ‘m featuring Nancy Holzner, author of Deadtown, during the last days of December, I thought I’d include … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner’s Deadtown Arrives 12/29/09

I’m pleased to announce the first installment of a four part interview that I am featuring on my website.  Nancy Holzner is a member of Writers’ Village University.  Her new novel Deadtown will be released next week. For a close look at this talented author and her new urban fantasy novel, please visit my website … Continue reading