When it comes to writing, you never know what friends you’ll meet and how long those friends will be in your life.  A number of years ago, I had the honor of winning a contest at Savvy The prize was membership in a fantasy class hosted at SA and taught by a wonderful person/writer June Diehl. During that … Continue reading

The Ten Rules of Etiquette for the Online Classroom

TEN RULES OF ETIQUETTE FOR THE CYBER CLASSROOM      Well, the new year has begun and look at all the class offerings turning up in your email!  It’s an online buffet of knowledge and inspiration just waiting for you to show up, fork and knife in hand. There are plenty of seats available. (All … Continue reading

Nancy Holzner: The Writing Process

“Holzner’s take on the Urban Fantasy genre is unique, refreshing, and a damn good read. I’m looking forward to more adventures in DEADTOWN with Vicky Vaughn–this heroine totally kicks butt!” Phaedra Wheldon, author of PHANTASM *********************************************************************** Since I ‘m featuring Nancy Holzner, author of Deadtown, during the last days of December, I thought I’d include … Continue reading