The Ten Rules of Etiquette for the Online Classroom

TEN RULES OF ETIQUETTE FOR THE CYBER CLASSROOM      Well, the new year has begun and look at all the class offerings turning up in your email!  It’s an online buffet of knowledge and inspiration just waiting for you to show up, fork and knife in hand. There are plenty of seats available. (All … Continue reading

A Personal View on Online Classes #1

ONLINE CLASSES I am starting off my review of the online courses I’ve taken with one that I just finished up. At the time I signed up, this class was a full year class. The updated offering is six months. I approve of the change. One year is a long time to commit to a … Continue reading

21st Century Hysteria

21st Century Hysteria Recently, I’ve discovered something about myself that I really don’t like. I am swamped with fear. Fear of unexpected bills. Fear of missing payment on a credit card. Fear of cracking a tooth. Fear of my dog getting hit by a car. Fear of losing my debit card. Fear of car repairs, … Continue reading


Twelve years ago, I enrolled in my first online writing class.  I was terribly nervous about exposing myself to a faceless audience.  Like all newbies, I was petrified of anyone reading my work. The idea of someone not liking one of my stories sent me into a panic mode. Somehow, I thought that if I … Continue reading

An Eye is I

It’s all in the eye of the beholder–how you look at life, that is. Whether you see the glass as half empty or half full.  Whether you see purpose in your life or believed that you are simply here by accident. It’s all about perspective. It’s all about you. or me. or  “I.” As writers … Continue reading

Belated New Year’s Resolution

The past month  might have seen me flat on my back and breathing into a humidifier, but I’m better and I’m back at the desk working on new and old projects.   As I was easing back into the driver’s seat, I realized that I missed New Year’s Day and everything that is associated with it.  … Continue reading

Grounded by the Swine Flu!

And feeling hostile to pigs everywhere.  After eight miserable days, I am well enough to sit up and type.  I’m hanging with the pillows, tissues and decongestants.  My head is still throbbing. My throat feels as if somebody’s camped under my tonsils and lit a fire to roast marshmallows. I’m grateful for ice cream and … Continue reading

DAY 26 of TAP!

I’ve fallen behind in reporting the progress of our writers. Basically, life seems determined to gnaw away at my ankles, undermining my best efforts to keep organized.  This past weekend, my father fell and broke his hip ball joint. Today, my father is undergoing hip surgery.  It’s got me feeling a little nervous and a … Continue reading

Day 20 of Tap!

The drama continues! My daughter sets off for college next week and I am scrambling to get things squared away before she leaves.  As most people know, it’s a bad year for college students with student grants.  Everyone is cutting back, even the high schools.  Yesterday, I learned the dual enrollment program offered to high … Continue reading


Tuesday Evening Totals: Aven 500 words =10,000 words so far! Paige: 1100 words= 10,000 words so far! Greta: still moving along. Getting through a tough area. Raven :  1000 words. (remember, I’m revising. I cut out a long scene) spent 1 1/2 hours at the write and 1/2 hours reading about scenes. Shriek :  informs … Continue reading